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Wild Brook Trout In Michigan's Upper Peninsula Day 4

Day 4

We woke up early, grabbed a quick breakfast, packed up camp, and headed west to fish another river. The temperature was on the rise and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We decided to fish a river known for it's epic hatches to try and get some trout on dries.

We stopped on the way to grab a quick coffee and something to eat. Once we got to the river, we unloaded the Outcast rafts, packed the coolers, grabbed the rods, and hit the river. It was mid day by the time we started fishing.

The river was much different from the previous one we fished. We had to try several different fishing techniques and fly combos before we found something that worked. 

The scenery and landscape was unbelievably beautiful. We even saw a few fish rising here and there, but nothing consistent. There were a couple really nice fish come up and feed off the surface, but by the time we got set up on them they had stopped.

We caught a couple small fish on streamers, and moved a few decent ones. However, we were having a difficult time getting any nicer fish to commit.

In the afternoon, the fishing picked up and we were able to hook up with a couple browns that were in the mid-teens by swinging streamers in the faster current.

The browns that we caught we incredibly beautiful. Rich colors with lots of spots.  

As the evening approached, more and more bugs began to come off. Fish started rising more constantly so we put the streamer rods away and rigged up for the hatch. 

Things were being to shape up. The wind died down and there were plenty of nice fish rising. I put the camera down for the night to just enjoyed the simple pleasure of casting dries to feeding trout. We caught several fish a piece that never made it in front of the lens. It was great to take time to just admire the fish and the river, and not get caught up in trying to get the perfect shot.  By the time we got off the river it was almost dark, long after the fish stopped rising. We found a place to camp, set up the hammocks, and swapped fish stories about the ones that got away until we fell asleep.

End of Day 4

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