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Dry Fly Fishing Patagonia Part 2

Patagonia offers endless fishing options for the avid angler. There are rivers flowing with gin clear water that have cut their way through the Andes providing something new and spectacular around every bend. Pools, flats, riffles, structure, boulders, logs, eddies, you name it these rivers have it. Throwing a large terrestrial at a log and watching a brown come out from underneath it is quite the experience. Or casting at a shallow riffle and having your fly disappear and get inhaled by a well hidden brown. 

At La Posada de los Farios, the primarily rivers they fish are the Rio Cisnes and the Rio Mañihuales. Both have exceptional fishing and plenty of big fish eager to move on big dries. It is not uncommon for an angler using a large, black foam beetle to out fish another angler using streamers.

The dry fly action can be pretty consistent all day and even the most novice anglers can find fish that are willing to take a poorly presented fly. During a day float, there are usually several opportunities to cast at rising fish. Seeing the fish move on the fly is a blast, and with the water being so clear, you can see most of the fish before they take.  

The feeling of serenity and peace from a day floating down one of these rivers is unreal. Beauty and pristine trout all around you, this place is truly an angler's paradise. Condors soaring overhead and fish that aren't leader shy swimming underneath. There are very few places in the world like this, untouched and wild yet still offering some of the finer comforts we have grown accustomed to.  

I had the opportunity to site cast at a feeding brown in a pool on the Rio Cisnes. The fish sipped a beetle off the surface right in front of me as I was standing on the bank. At first glance I thought that it was one of the King salmon that were running that time of year. The fish was circling the pool and swam behind a large submerged boulder that was only a few inches from the surface. On the far side of the boulder it dropped off to about 10 feet, and I was able to use the boulder to hide my line. With one false cast I placed only the black Fat Albert and about 3 feet of leader for the fish to see. I watched as the biggest brown of my life slowly came up on my fly. It slowly slurped it down and I nailed him.

El Fin de Part 2

Part 3 coming soon!


Again, special thanks to La Posada de los Farios. Great people and great fishing.

Check out their lodge and operation at www.chilepatagonia.com

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