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Wild Brook Trout In Michigan's Upper Peninsula Day 3

Day 3

When we woke up on the morning of the third day, the forest was covered in frost and everything that was left out was frozen stiff. It was difficult to find the motivation to get out of the hammock to brave the cold. 


After we procrastinated for almost an hour, we finally got up and started a fire to try and regain feeling in our extremities. We ate a quick breakfast and checked the map to get a better idea of what we were headed for.

Once on the river, we were surprised to get action right off the start. We had several strikes even though temps were in the upper 30's to low 40's. We were unsuccessful in landing any of the first takes, but it boosted morale and gave us fresh motivation to keep fishing hard. 

The wind was howling and the snow started to fall, but despite numb hands we still managed to get into some nice fish. Around mid day the fishing started to pick up. More and more brook trout were flying out of submerged logs to attack an intrusive streamer. 

We decided to have a hot lunch by the river to warm up. A fire was started and we grabbed some fresh brats out of one of the Yeti Hoppers to roast them. The fire and food helped to pick up our spirits and take our minds off of the cold. We had a few laughs and joked around about some of the finer fishing moments of our trip thus far. 

The third and final day of our float on this river proved to be the most challenging. There were fallen logs and portages everywhere, and some of them required some serious balance to cross.

Because of all the fallen logs, there was a ton of cover for the brook trout. Most of the holes that we hit, were some of the fishiest looking holes of the entire trip.

Just like the previous days, most of the fish that we landed were decent size. The average was around 12-13 inches. We started hooking more fish on streamers that were tied with trailer hooks because the fish were just nipping the fly and not inhaling it. 

The section that we floated was extremely wild and pristine. There were very few signs that any humans had ever been on the river, which made the trip seem more like an exploration than a leisurely float. Not knowing what was around the next bend, or what trials lay ahead were all part of the adventure.  


Every fish we caught was just an added bonus to an already wonderful experience. 

As the temperature began to drop back down and the snow continued to fall, we decided to push down stream to the take out and conclude our time on this river. 

End of Day 3

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