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Dry Fly Fishing Patagonia Part 3

The lakes and lagunas in Patagonia offer some phenomenal trout fishing. It is a much different experience than bass or bluegill fishing in the States. These fish are large, hungry, and aggressive. They are actively searching for beetles, hoppers, dragonflies and any other terrestrial that might become dinner.

It is not uncommon to see trout come several feet out of the water after damsel and dragonflies. They will launch themselves to snatch one in mid-flight.

These fish will rip line off the reel and will make you work to gain every inch on them. Most of these lakes are rarely fished and La Posada de los Farios has private access to one of the best trout lakes that I have ever experienced. At times it seems as if you can catch fish at will and they are so violent and aggressive that they will come back for your fly two, three, sometimes four times even after you stung them.

Most of the lakes are surrounded by immense mountains and beauty. Staying focused on the fish can be very difficult even with spots like these.

Fishing in the lagunas is kind of like shopping, there are fish everywhere and you have to pick which one you want to cast too. Sometimes you just have to sit back to watch and pattern the fish, waiting for the perfect opportunity to present the fly to the fish you've selected. 

The colors and markings on the browns can range from gold with loads of spots to a shade of orange with hardly a dot on them depending on the lake you're fishing. 

The trout are all well fed and mean. If they want your fly they will move twenty-plus feet for it as you hold your breath praying they don't refuse to take.  It isn't always easy and sometimes the fish can frustrate you and make you lose your hair, but the reward is well worth the effort. Patagonia is a pretty remarkable place and La Posada de los Farios offers one of the best fishing experience you can find down there. Big fish, lots of them, and memories that will last forever.

 ¡El Fin!

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