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Spring Trout Fishing

Spring offers some of the best streamer fishing of the year. Big fish that seem to just be waking up from a long, sluggish winter. 

The rivers and woods are beginning to come alive and you can watch the life begin to come out of what has looked dead for so long.

Some of you have been tying all winter long in preparation for spring. You have gone through all of your gear and checked your rods, reels, line, reorganized your fly boxes and made space for all your new flies.  

 The hibernating and cabin fever are over and it is time to scratch that primal itch and get outdoors again. Get out on the water. Head into your local fly shop to get the latest scoop and hot flies for the waters near you. Nothing beats local knowledge. Grab a buddy and go fish or book a guide for the day. Make some memories and let go for a bit. 


Good Luck!

Dan Shepler1 Comment