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Dry Fly Fishing Patagonia Part 1

If you like big trout that take big dries then Chile is the place for you. It is a place where the ways of the old west and the modern world collide. Wilderness and unbelievable scenery all around. You can go from a car ride on a paved road to being on horse back on a well used sheep trail in matter of an hour or so. 

This place is rugged and rough and caters to those you have an itch for adventure. The rewards are big fish and memories you will never forget, but it comes at a price. The weather and elements can be unrelenting and punishing. The wind can make even the most adequate casters frustrated, and the terrain can be very unforgiving. Most people that have experienced Patagonia will say that the pros more than outweigh the cons and that is was one of the most extraordinary trips of their life.

The fishing is unlike anything you have ever experienced. Huge trout taking terrestrials on the surface. The water is so clear you can see the fish move on the fly the whole way. Site casting to a feeding trout happens quite often, even in the middle of the day. The fish are keyed in on hoppers and beetles and will feed actively and aggressive at all hours of the day. 

You can bet that you will miss the first several takes on the dry, due to the distracting beauty and wonder around every bend. It can be compared to a kid in a candy store, everywhere you look your senses are being hyper-stimulated. Floating down one of these gin clear, pristine rivers is an experience that you will never forget. Canyons and boulders, mountains and pampas, the grandness of this beautiful region leaves you feeling humbled and small.

El Fin de part 1

Part II coming soon

Taken at La Posada de los Farios lodge. A family owned and operated lodge that offers an incredible fishing experience. 


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